Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Sri Tulsidas Maharaj – Bala Kanda – The queen mothers receiving the grooms and brides at the entrance of the palace


Chapter – 342– Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Bala Kanda– The queen mothers receiving the grooms and brides at the entrance of the palace


The wedding procession arrived at the entrance of Palace of King Dhasharatha, where there was Devi Kausalya, Devi Kaikeyi, and Devi Sumithra and all the members of the family were stood,  holding a tray full of Mangaladhravya and earthen lamps. All of them were equally yearning to witness the grooms and brides, they waved lights on the couples, stood motionless, raptured in various emotions which were beyond description. The queen mothers offered an abundance of precious ornaments, gifts, jewels, precious articles to their daughters in law, they behold the loveliness of four sons alongside the beautiful brides, they could not take eyes off from Lord Rama and Devi Janaki realized that they have achieved the fruitfulness of their lives, there is nothing remaining to achieve in this life. The companions of queen mothers gazed at the splendor of Devi Sita and sang beautifully praising the fortune of the Raghu clan. The deities drenched in bliss kept showering flowers, the celestial apsaras, and Gandharvas beautifully performed to the tune of divine music instruments, offering homage to the supreme Bhramam incarnated as the jewel of the Raghu clan. Devi Sarada who is the Goddess of speech lost words to praise the loveliness of the couples, and all her trails seemed fruitless, she stood motionless watching the splendor of the couples.

Yehi Bidhi Sabahi Dhetha Sukhu Aye Rajadhuara | Mudhitha Mathu Paricchani Karahi Bandhunha Sametha Kumara ||

Karahi Aarathi Barahi Bara | Premu Pramodhu Kahai Ko Para || Bhooshanamani Pat  Nana Jathi | Karahi Nicchavari Aganitha Bhanthi || Bandhunha Sametha Dhekhi Sutha Chari | Paramanandha Magana Mahathari || Puni Puni Siyarama Cchabi Dhekhi | Mudhitha Saphala Jagajeevana Lekhi || Sakhi Siya Mukha Puni Puni Chahi | Gana Karahi Nija Sukritha Sarahi || Barashahi Sumana  Cchanahi Cchana Dheva | Nachahi Gavahi Lavahi Seva || Dhekhi Manohara Chariau Jori | Saradha Upama Sakala Dadori || Dhetha Na  Banahi Nipata Laghu Lagi | Yekatak Rahi Roopa Anuragi ||

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