Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Sri Tulsidas Maharaj – Bala Kanda – King Dhasharatha eulogizes the virtues, nobleness, amiability and the affluence of King Janaka


Chapter – 347– Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Bala Kanda– King Dhasharatha eulogizes the virtues, nobleness, amiability,  and the affluence of King Janaka


The deities after witnessing the glorious wedding ceremony and the following rites of the divine couple, while the divine music instruments reverberated all over the city returned to their respective abodes, all they could think and speak about the splendor of the wedding of Lord Rama with utmost reverence and devotion. King Dhasharatha revealed his gratitude to the assembled guests and kings of the neighboring countries, heart brimming with delight returned to meet his sons and brides in their private chambers, he gladly embraced his four sons, experienced a sudden thrill that was beyond description, then he took the four lovely brides on his lap and affectionately patted on their head with a heart full of love, the people assembled in the palace were transported to a state of bliss watching the affection of the King towards his sons and brides. King described the grand wedding ceremony of his four sons that took place in the Mithila to all those people assembled, after listening to the grandeur of the marriage, they were all experienced the same joy of the divine wedding.  Further King Dhasharatha eulogized the nobleness, virtues, amiability, kindness, compassion, and wealth of King Janaka in a splendid manner, the queens were extremely delighted to hear those priceless pieces of information from the King.


Chale  Nisana Bajayi Sura Nija  Nija Pura  Sukhapayi | Kahatha Paraspara Ramajasu Prema Na  Hridhaya Samayi ||

Sab Bidhi Sabahi Samadhi Naranahu | Raha Hridhaya Bhari Poori Ucchahu || Jaha Ranivasu Thaha Pagu  Dhare | Sahitha Bahudinha Kuara Nihare || Liye Godh Kari Modh Sametha | Ko Kahi Sakayi Bhayau Sukhu Jetha || Badhu Saprema Godh Baitari | Bara Bara  Hiya Harashi Dhulari || Dhekhi Samaju Mudhitha Ranivasu | Sab Ke  Ura Anandha Kiyo Basu || Kaheau Bhoopa Jimi Bhayau Bibahu | Suni Suni Harashu Hotha Sab Kahu || Janakaraja Gunaseelu Badayi | Preethi Reethi Sampadha Suhayi || Bahubidhi Bhoopa Bhat Jimi Barani | Rani Sab Pramudhitha Suni Karani ||

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