Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Sri Tulsidas Maharaj – Bala Kanda – The King and the Queens worships preceptors and Brahmins


Chapter – 345– Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Bala Kanda– The King and the Queens worships preceptors and Brahmins


The people of the city who received the gifts in abundance praised the King, and wished them good fortune and returned, later the King along with the twice-born and the preceptors arrived inside the palace. King performed all the rituals under the guidance of Sage Vashishta sincerely following the Veda, the queens were so happy to meet several Bhramins assembled in the palace as a symbol of fortune, they rose from their seats and offered obeisance to them. The queens followed the King in the performance of rites, washed the feet of preceptors and Bhramins, worshiped them, and offered a fabulous meal to them. The preceptors and the twice-born received an abundance of gifts and contributions after the sumptuous meal, they showered blessings on the King and the queens, and delightfully returned to their homes. The King and the Queens approached the Gadhi’s son Sage Vishwamithra and prostrated at his lotus feet, and adored the dust particles from the feet of the Sage on their forehead and eyes, and spoke reverentially “Oh! Bhagavan, there is no one fortunate as me, I have achieved the fruitfulness of my life with your presence.” One of the fine fortresses that meets all the needs of the Sage was arranged for his stay, and the King, Queens, remain vigilant to serve his requirements and the attendants were appointed to render service to the Sage. Once again, King Dhasharatha and his family prostrated before the preceptor Sage Vashishta.

Dhehi Aseesa Johari Sab Gavahi Gunagana Gatha | Thab Guru Bhoosura Sahitha Griha Gavanu Keenha Naranatha ||

Jo Basishta Anusasana Dheenhi | Loka Bedha Bidhi Sadhara Keenhi || Bhoosura Bheera Dhekhi Sab Rani | Sadhar Udi Bhagya Bada Jani || Patha Pakhari  Sakala Anhavaye | Pooji Bhali Bidhi Bhoop Jevaye || Aadhara Dhana Prema  Pariposhe | Dhetha Aseesa Chale Mana Thoshe || Bahu Bidhi Keenhi Gadhisutha Pooja | Natha Mohi Sama Dhanya Na  Dhooja || Keenhi Prasamsa Bhoopapthi Bhoori | Raninha Sahitha Leenhi Paga Dhoori || Bheethara Bhavana Dheenha Bara Basu | Man Jogavatha Raha Nripu Ranivasu || Pooje Guru Padhakamala Bahori | Keenhi Binaya Ura Preethi Na Thori ||

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