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Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Sri Tulsidas Maharaj – Bala Kanda – The details of the grand dinner arrangements of King Janaka for the guests


Chapter – 322– Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Bala Kanda– The details of the grand dinner arrangements of King Janaka for the guests


The mega meal was cooked by experts in culinary, all the preparations were made out of cow’s milk, butter, and ghee. The attendants enthusiastically served the guests with rice and ghee, followed by various dishes on the marvelous golden plates, the guests were served with a delicious meal cooked with utmost purity was served at their heart’s content. The guests seated offered the initial bits of Pancharasa/five tastes to the Panchaprana, and started consuming the meal delightfully. The sweets and savories served were beyond description, and the tastes were fabulous, the expert cooks served seasoned fruits and vegetables which were difficult to name. Thus, the four types of dishes served were as prescribed in scriptures 1) food that is tasted with the tongue 2) food should be consumed after chewing 3) food that can be swallowed easily, and 4) beverages was beyond description. There were dishes of six flavors/Shadrasa, while the dinner was in progress the men and women dressed in beautiful attire, melodiously sang the names of the dishes served to the guests and entertained the guests, King Dhasharatha and the entire groom’s people were thoroughly enjoyed the music and sumptuous meal. Finally, the guests finished their meal was reverentially served with scented water to rinse their mouth and wash their hands.


Supodhana Surabhi Sarapi Sundhara Swadhu Puneetha | Cchan Mahu Sab Ke  Parusi Go Chathura Suara Bineetha ||

Pancha Kavala Kari  Jevana Lage | Gari Gana Suni Athi Anurage || Bhanthi Aneka Pare  Pakvane | Sudha Sarisa Nahi Jahi Bakhane || Parusana Lage Suara Sujana | Bijana Bibidha Nama Ko Jana || Chari Bhanthi Bhojana Bidhi Gayi | Yek Yek Bidhi Barani Na  Jayi || Ccharasa Ruchira  Bijana Bahu Jathi | Yek Yek Rasa Aganitha Bhanthi || Jevath Dhehi Madhura Dhuni Gari | Lai Lai Nama Purusha Aru Nari || Samaya Suhavani Gari Biraja | Hasath Rau Suni Sahitha Samaja || Yehi Bidhi Sabahi Bhojanu Keenha | Aadhar Sahitha Aachamanu Dheenha ||


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