Thursday, July 15, 2021

Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Sri Tulsidas Maharaj – Bala Kanda – The grand dinner arrangements in the palace of Ayodhya


Chapter – 348– Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Bala Kanda– The grand dinner arrangements in the palace of Ayodhya


King Dhasharatha followed with his four sons went for bathing, after that they have invited the preceptors and twice-born, ministers of the assembly for a grand dinner, a fabulous meal was served to the guests, and everyone took great pleasure in the meal, the number of dishes served was beyond description, and the guests entertained themselves with the lavish meal, in this way, a couple of hours in the night have passed with enjoyable conversations. The beautiful women in the palace sang melodiously, the night hours have become most delightful, and soul-stirring, the guests assembled were forgot to notice the passing of time. The King along with his guests finished the meal was served with the water to rinse mouth, betel leaves covered in fragrant and sweet ingredients such as cardamom, saffron, sugar etc. were served to the guests. Further, all of the guests were adorned in fresh alluring flower garlands and sandalwood paste, everyone contemplated on the marvelous form of Rama, and received permission from the King and returned to their homes. The serenity, love, merriment, prosperity, loveliness and the magnanimity existed in the Kingdom and the palace was beyond the description even for Goddess Sarada, thousand-headed serpent Adhishesha, Vedas, Bhrama, Shiva, and Lord Ganesha, hence how I could detail them? King Dhasharatha summoned the queens and honored them, and advised them in a sweet tone “Oh! Devi, the brides are too young, have arrived into a new home which is completely strange to them, therefore take good care of them as the eyes protected by the eyelids.”


Suthanha Sametha Nahayi Nripa Boli Bipra Guru Gyathi | Bhojana Keenha Aneka Bidhi Dhari Pancha Gayi Rathi ||

Mangalagana Karahi Bara Bhamini | Bhai Sukhamoola Manohara Jamini || OOchayi Pana Sab Kahu Paye | Sraga Sugandha Bhooshitha Cchabi Chaye || Ramahi Dhekhi Rajayasu Payi | Nija Nija Bhavana Chale Sira  Nayi || Prema Pramodhu Binodhu Badayi | Samau Samaju Manoharathayi || Kahi Na  Sakahi Satha Saradha Sesu | Bedha Biranchi Mahesa Ganesu || So Mei Kahau Kavana Bidhi Barani | Bhoominagu  Sira Dharayi Ki Dharani || Nripa Sab Bhanthi Sabhi Sanmani | Kahi Mridhu Bachana  Bolayi  Rani || Bandhu Larikani Para Ghar Ayi | Rakheahu Nayana Palaka Ki Nayi ||

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