Thursday, May 27, 2021

Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Sri Tulsidas Maharaj – Bala Kanda – Lord Hari’s decision to remove the trepidations and distress caused by Harimaya on Sage Narada


Chapter – 127 – Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Bala Kanda – Lord Hari’s decision to remove the trepidations and distress caused by Harimaya on Sage Narada


Lord Hari spoke pleasantly “Oh! Narada, you are my sincere devotee, I shall do all that good for you, my promise wouldn’t go untrue. Oh! Mune, I have decided to do whatever good for you, a physician will not prescribe a medicine that is harmful to his patients, always seeks the welfare of the patient, even if the patient asks for something poisonous which may sound promising at that moment of crisis.” Thus, Lord Hari disappeared from the sight of Maharishi Narada who was besieged by the Maya, couldn’t get the inner meanings of the dialogue.  Soon Maharishi Narada rushed to the place where the Swayamvara of Vishwamohini was held, found the huge assembly of King Sheelanidhi was decorated in a grand manner, with expensive pieces of the throne, exquisite sculptures, and artifacts, extravagant arrangements for the guests, etc. A large number of Kings and princes from the neighboring countries were already taken seats in the assembly, the arrangements made for the guests were beyond description.  Maharishi Narada took a seat on one of the thrones and thought “My loveliness won’t go unnoticed, definitely the princess would adorn me with the Jayamala, and declare me as a wedded husband. I have achieved the grace of Lord Hari who is the epitome of beauty and virtues.” Everyone greeted the Sage with great respect, alas! the Sage does not know the trick of Mayapathi who had provided an atrocious look to him which was not visible to all.

Jehi Bidhi Hoyihi Parama Hitha  Narada Sunahu Thumhara | Soyi Ham Karab Na  Aana Kacchu Bachan Na  Mrisha Hamara ||

Kupatha Maga Ruja Byakula Rogi | Baidh Na Dheyi Sunahu Muni Jogi || Yehi Bidhi Hitha Thumhara  Mei Dayau | Kahi Asa Antharhitha Prabhu Bhayau || Maya  Bibasa Bhaye Muni Mooda | Samujji Nahi Hari  Gira Nigooda || Gavane Thurath Aasan Baite  Raja | Bahu Banav Kari Sahitha Samaja || Muniman Harasha Roopa Athi Mere | Mohi Thaji Aanahi Barihi Na Bhore || Muni Hitha Karana  Kripanidhan | Dheenha Kuroop Na Jayi Bakhana || So Charithra Lakhi Kahu Na Pava | Narada Jani Sabahi Sir Nava ||

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