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Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Sri Tulsidas Maharaj – Bala Kanda – Prayer of Devi Shatharoopa and Manu at the lotus feet of Lord Hari


Chapter – 140– Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Bala Kanda – Prayer of Devi Shatharoopa and Manu at the lotus feet of Lord Hari


Sage Yajjavalkya speaks “ Oh! Mune, the divine couple Manu and Devi Shatharoopa after hearing the nectar-like words of Lord Hari was heard, ran through their ears, and settled in their heart, revitalized the deteriorated bodies, soon the bodily hairs stood upright, and the sudden rush of thrill through the limbs forced them to withdraw from the deep trance, they fell flat before the marvelous appearance of Lord Hari, and Manu began to speak with tears overflowing, chocking for words of intense love “Oh! Prabho, you are wish-fulfilling divine creeper/ Kalpatharu and resembles divine cow/Kamadhenu to your devotees. Oh! Prabho, Lord Bhrama, and Lord Hara worship at your lotus feet according to the prescribed rites, and adorn their forehead with the dust particles from your feet. Oh! Prabho, worship at your lotus feet provides all the happiness and auspiciousness to devotees, Oh! Pranatharththiharin, Oh! Pranathapalaka, who is the protector of distressed soul, you are the Lord of the Universe and its living beings. Oh! Prabho, we are orphan, helpless, kindly shower your compassionate grace on us. If you are really pleased with our devotion, kindly provide us a boon, kindly reveal to us that marvelous form of supreme Bhramam which dwells in the heart of Hara, and the Muniganas who strive hard to achieve that Paramathma Parambhramam with the practice of various austerities and Tapasya, the lovely swan resides in the heart of Sage Kakabhusundi, that supreme Bramham of Nirguna and Sagunaswaroopa that was stolen our hearts. Oh! Pranarththi Mochana, that all-pervasive supreme Bramham is eulogized as ‘Nethi Nethi’ by Veda, is eternal, supreme bliss, has neither beginning nor end, free from afflictions, pure, unblemished, changeless. Oh! Prabho, kindly reveal your glorious form to us.” The humble and sweet nectar-like words of the divine couple were heard, lit extreme delight in the heart of the Supreme Lord who is a storehouse of compassion, kindness, and love. The supreme Lord Hari appeared before the divine couple Manu and Shatharoopa.


Shravana Sudha Sama Bachana Suni Pulaka Praphullitha Gath | Bole Manu Kari  Dhandavath Prema Na Hridhaya Samath ||

Sunu Sevaka Suratharu Suradhenu| Bidhi Hari Hara Bandhitha Padharenu || Sevath  Sulabha Sakalasukha Dhayaka | Pranathapala Sacharachara Nayaka|| Jau Anatha Hitha Hama Par Nehu | Thau Prasanna Hoyi Yaha Bar Dhehu || Jo  Saroopa Basa Siva  Man Mahi | Jehi Karana Muni Jathana Karahi || Jo Bhusundi Man Manasa Hamsa | Saguna Aguna Jehi Nigama Prasamsa || Dhekhahi Ham So  Roopa Bhari Lochana | Kripa Karahu Pranatharathi Mochana || Dhampathi Bachana Paramapriya Lage | Mriduala Bineetha Prema Rasa Page || Bhagath Bacchala Prabhu Kripanidhana| Biswabasa Pragate Bhagavana ||

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