Sunday, May 30, 2021

Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Sri Tulsidas Maharaj – Bala Kanda – Devi Shatharoopa and Munu receives a unique and marvelous boon from Lord Hari


Chapter – 144– Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Bala Kanda – Devi Shatharoopa and Munu receives a unique and marvelous boon from Lord Hari


Sage Yajjavalkya speaks “Oh! Mune, the supreme Lord who is Dhani/ symbolize affluence, Shiromani/ precious gem, gracious, noble, Kripanidhi/merciful, repeatedly asked the divine couple Raja Manu and Devi Shatharoopa to reveal their desire, finally, they have appealed to Lord Hari about their wish to achieve a son who has possessed the beauty and virtues of Lord Hari. The compassionate Lord listening to the word of pure love, and wisdom, began to speak “Let it be. I shall be born as your son as you have desired, and I will find my female energy in due course of time.” Lord Hari bow before Devi Shatharoopa who was standing with folded hands, eyes full of love, drenched in tears, and spoke “Oh! Devi, kindly asks for a boon, what would you like to have as a boon from me?” Devi Shatharoopa spoke “Oh! Prabho, I have nothing else to ask as a boon, I have already achieved the most promising boon which was pronounced by the clever king, my consort. Oh! Prabho, I have no words to describe your mercy, you are most promising to your devotees, Oh! Prabho, you are the Lord of the Universe, and Lord of Lords, you are beloved of Lord Bhrama, Lord Rudra, and deities. You are Antharyami, all-pervasive supreme Bramham resides as a soul in the Jeeva, you are the knower of all. Oh! Prabho, you are the protector of devotees who has taken shelter at your lotus feet, you are the provider of welfare and happiness to them.”


Dhani Siromani Kripanidhi Natha Kahau Sathibhau | Chahau Thumhahi Samana Sutha Prabhu  San Kavana Dhurau||

Dhekhi Preethi Suni Bachana Amole | Yevamasthu Karunanidhi Bole ||
Aapu Sarisa Khojau Kaha Jayi | Nripa Thava  Thanaya Hob Mei  Aayi || Satharoopahi Biloki Kar Jore| Dhebi Magu Baru Jo Ruchi There || Jo Baru Natha Chathura Nripa Maga| Soyi Kripala Mohi Athi Priya Laga || Prabhu Paranthu Sudi Hothi Didayi | Jadhapi Bhagath Hitha Thumhahi Sohayi || Thumha Bhramadhi Janaka Jaga Swami | Bhrama SakalaUra Antharjami || Asa  Samujjath Man Samsaya Hoyi | Kaha Jo Prabhu Pravana PUni Soyi || Je Nija  Bhagatha Natha Thava Ahahi | Jo Sukha Pavahi Jo  Gathi Lahahi ||

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