Friday, May 28, 2021

Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Sri Tulsidas Maharaj – Bala Kanda – Maharishi Narada’s curse on Lord Hari


Chapter – 131– Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Bala Kanda – Maharishi Narada’s curse on Lord Hari


Maharishi Narada continued “Oh! Lord, you have offered the Varuni/ intoxicated drinks to the demons, and toxic Halahal poison to Rudra, and you have been way too intelligent to accept Goddess Lakshmi and the precious gem Kausthubha emerged out of the ocean while churning, in this way, you have been very astute and selfish in all your dealings with the deities and demons. Oh! Prabho, you are independent to act, you are not answerable to anyone. You have always been free-willed, and have performed whatever pleases your mind. You don’t take pleasure or grieve on the occasion when the noble gets tarnished or the wicked get praised, Oh! Prabho, you are not worried or alarmed of anything, you are not affected by good or evil, but you have played the trick on me, for that you will reap the fruit of it.  You have provided me with the appearance of a monkey, for that you will survive with the help of them in the future. You have fooled me, and put me in deep distress, hence you will suffer the pain of separation from your consort.”


Asura Sura Bisha Sankariha Aapu Rama Manicharu | Swaratha Sadhaka Kutila Thumha Sadha Kapata Byavaharu ||

Parama Swathanthra Na Sira Par Koyi | Bhavayi Manahi KarahuThumha Soyi || Bhalehi Mandha Mandhehi Bhala Karahu | Bisamaya Harasha Na Hiya  Kacchu Dharahu || Dahaki Dahaki Parichehu Sab Kahu | Athi Asamka Man Sadha Ucchahu || Karama Subhasubha Thumhahi Na Badha | Ab Lagi Thumhahi Na Kahu Sadha || Bhale Bhavana Ab Bayana Dheenha | Pavahugo Phala Aapana Keenha || Bachehu Mohi  Javani  Dhari Dheha | Soyi Thanu Dharahu  Shrapa Mama Yeha || Kapi Akruthi Thumha Keenhi Hamari | Karihahi Keesa Sahaya Thumhari || Mama Apakara Keenha Thumha Bhari | Nari  Biraha Thumha Hoba Dhukhari ||


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