Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Sri Tulsidas Maharaj – Bala Kanda – The mendicant explains the significance of Tapasya and austerities


Chapter – 157– Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Bala Kanda – The mendicant explains the significance of Tapasya and austerities


The hermit spoke “Oh! Son, I am Ekathanu and I was born at the initial period of creation, since that I haven’t shed my mortal coil or assume another body, hence my name is Ekathanu. Oh! Son, do not get surprised to hear me, Tapasya is a powerful instrument, you could achieve all that desired from it, and it would make you feel that nothing is impossible to achieve. Tapasya is a marvelous practice, Lord Bhrama achieved the power of creation of the Universe and its living and non-living things, with the Tapasya, and Lord Vishnu protects the Universe and its living beings with the might of Tapasya and Lord Rudra dissolves the Universe and the entire creations at the end of Kalpa with the might of Tapasya, hence, nothing is impossible with the fruit of extreme penance.” Further, the hermit continued to give an excellent speech on Karma, and Dharma, and various legends comprehend the creation of the Universe, maintenance and dissolution of the same, and the needs to follow austerities, truthfulness, vows, dispassion, Swadhyaya, etc. King Prathapbhanu was highly impressed with the knowledge of the hermit, fallen under the spell of him, decided to reveal his true identity to the hermit who was already known it. The hermit spoke “Oh! King, I know who you are, even though you have introduced yourself as the minister of the Kingdom of Kaikeya, and hid your real identity, I shall appreciate your innocence and truthfulness.”

Adhishrishti Upaji Jabahi Thab Uthpathi Bhai Mori | Nama Yekathanu Hethu Thehi Dheha Na Dhari Bahori ||

Jani Acharaju Karahu Man Mahi | Sutha Thapa The  Dhurllabh Kacchu Nahi || Thapabal The Jaga Sujayi Bidhatha | Thapabal Bishnu Bhaye Parithratha || Thapabala Sambhu Karahi Sandhara | Thapa The Agama Na Kacchu Samsara || Bhayau Nripahi Suni Athi Anuraga | Katha PUrathan Kahai So Laga || Karama Dharama Ithihasa Aneka | Karayi Niroopan Birathi Bibeka || Udhbhava Palan Pralaya Kahani | Kahesi Amitha Aacharaja Bakhani | Suni Maheepa Thapasa Bas Bhayau | Aapana Nama Kahana Thab Layau || Kaha Thapasa Nripa  Janau Thohi | Keenhehu Kapata Laga Bhal Mohi ||

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