Thursday, June 24, 2021

Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Sri Tulsidas Maharaj – Bala Kanda – The city of Ayodhya prepares for welcoming the newlyweds


Chapter – 287– Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Bala Kanda– The city of Ayodhya prepares for welcoming the newlyweds


A large feast was organized by the Queens for the penniless in the villages, and offered an abundance of gits as money, grains, clothes, etc. in return they wished the children and the entire clan and left the palace, uttering “Long Live the King Dhasharatha and his four children”. The city of Ayodhya reverberated with the sounds of auspicious musical instruments, the news of the wedding of Rama spread all over the Kingdom ear to ear, people started celebrating in their homes. The fourteen worlds drenched in extreme bliss at the news of the wedding of Devi Janaki, the daughter of King Janaka with Rama, son of King Dasaratha and the hero of Raghu clan. The houses, streets, pathways, market places, pleasure gardens, shelter homes, etc. were decorated in a grand manner to receive the celestial couple. The unfailing splendor of the Kingdom of Ayodhya bourgeoned to immeasurable, which is the abode of supreme Lord Rama who is the essence of love, valor, compassion, kindness, and charm. The entire city was decorated with flags, banners, flowers, as a part of lodging for the guests several huge pavilions were erected with stunning decorations made out of gold and precious gems and arrangements were made for the collections of  Mangaladhravya/Kusha, vermilion, turmeric, Sandalwood paste, unbroken yellow rice, flowers of rich fragrances, holy leaves of bale and Tulsi, flower garlands, etc. in huge quantities.


Jachaka Liye  Hamkari Dheenhi Nichavari Koti Bidhi | Chiru Jeevahu Sutha Chari Chakrabarththi Dhasarathth Ke ||

Kahath Chale Pahire Pat  Nana| Harashi Hane  Gahagahe  Nisana|| Samachar Sab Loganha Paye | Lage Dhara Dhara Hona Badhaye || Bhuvana Chari Dhasa Bhara Ucchahu | Janakasutha Raghubeera Biahu || Suni Subha Katha Loga Anurage | Maga  Griha Gali Savarana Lage || Jadhdhyapi Avadha Sadhaiva Suhavani | Ramapuri Mangalamaya Pavani || Thadhapi Preethi Kai Preethi Suhayi | Mangala Rachana Rachi Banayi || Dhvaja Pathaka Pat  Chamara Charu | Cchava Parama Bichithra Bajaru || Kanaka Kalasa Thorana Mani Jala| Haradha Dhoob Dhadhi Acchath Mala ||

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