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Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Sri Tulsidas Maharaj – Bala Kanda – People of the Kingdom of Mithila and Ayodhya praises the splendor of the divine pair Rama and Sita


Chapter – 301– Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Bala Kanda– People of the Kingdom of Mithila and Ayodhya praises the splendor of the divine pair Rama  and Sita


The people of Mithila, the men, and women assembled in large groups and highly praised the divine pair Rama and Sita who are the epitome of beauty, wisdom, fortune, and affluence, and the King Dasaratha and King Janaka are the symbols of virtues. The noble-souls continued to praise “ Devi Janakanandhini is the personification of the piousness of King Janaka, and Lord Rama is the incarnation of the virtues of King Dasaratha. These two illustrious rulers are fervent devotees of Lord Shambhu achieved the grace of the Lord in the form of virtuous daughter and son respectively, and no one has achieved the merit as they did, they are beyond comparison, and there won’t be anyone virtuous as King Janaka and King Dasaratha in the Universe. We are fortunate to be born as the subjects of these Kings, it was merely the piousness achieved in the several births we could become the subject of King Janaka, and achieved the bliss to witness the beautiful pairs Rama and Sita. Soon, we will witness the celestial wedding of the divine couple and thereby we will achieve the fruitfulness of our eyes too.” The celestial damsels who have the melodious voice of Cuckoos spoke “Oh! Dear Ladies with beautiful eyes, we shall achieve all the auspiciousness by witnessing the union of the two marvelous pair, the city of Mithila has been ready for the grand wedding ceremony of Rama and Sita, and these two charming brothers will provide an immense delight to our eyes.”


Ramu Siya Sobha Avadhi Sukritha Avadhi Dhoau Raja | Jaha Thaha Purajana Kahahi Asa Mili Nara Nari Samaja ||

Janaka Sukritha Moorathi Baidhehi | Dhasharatha Sukritha Ramu Dhare Dhehi|| Inha Sama Kahu Na  Siva Avaradhe | Kahu Na  Inha Samana Phala Ladhe || Inha Sama Koau Na  Bhayau Jaga Mahi | Hai Nahi Kathahu Honeau Nahi || Hama Sab Sakala Sukritha Kai Rasi | Bhaye Jaga Janami Janakapura Basi || Jinha Janaki Rama Cchabi Dhekhi | Ko Sukrithi Hama Sarisa Biseshi || Puni Dhekhab Raghubeera Biahu | Leb Bhali Bidhi Lochana Lahu || Kahahi Paraspara Kokila Bayani | Yehi  Biahu Bada Labhu Sunayani || Bade Bhaga Bidhi Bath Banayi | Nayana Athithi Hoyihahi Dhoau Bhayi ||

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