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Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Sri Tulsidas Maharaj – Bala Kanda – The wedding procession halted in the magnificent shelter homes prepared for the guests


Chapter – 295– Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Bala Kanda– The wedding procession halted in the magnificent shelter homes prepared for the guests


The huge wedding procession witnessed several auspicious omens on their way, as if all their desires are going to be fulfilled, and that too the supreme Lord Rama, the Sacchidhanandhaswaroopa Paramathma incarnated as the son of King Dasaratha who is the essence of auspiciousness, on the occasion of the celestial marriage going to be held with the Janakanandhini who is none other than Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi the essence of wealth and affluence. King Dhasharatha and King Janaka witnessed several auspicious omens in their lives too, the wedding procession moved enthusiastically towards the city of Mithila, the air filled with the neighing of horses, trumpeting elephants, sounds of rolling of wheels on the rough pathways, the sword fight warriors, horse, chariot, and elephant fight warriors were exhibiting their skills and entertaining the rest of the people to wave off the tediousness of long journey, dancers and singers were performing their skills, while the sounds of divine musical instruments reverberating in the atmosphere. As soon as King Janaka heard the plan of grand wedding procession from the city of Ayodhya, he ordered his men to construct bridges across the rivers in the city, and several beautiful shelter homes with an abundance of food supply, clothing, marvelous guest rooms, were constructed on the way, the magnificence of the city of Mithila excelled the beauty of Amaravathi was all set to receive their guests. The people of the wedding procession took shelter in the guest rooms arranged in a stylish manner, forgot their exhaustion of long journeys took great pleasure in the extravagant meal, bedding, and clothing, and forgot the comfort of their own homes back in the city of Ayodhya.


Mangalamaya Kalyanamaya Abimatha Phala Dhathara | Janu Sab Sache  Hona Hitha Bhaye Saguna Yek Bara ||

Mangala Saguna Sugama Sab Thake | Saguna Bhrama Sundhara Sutha Jake || RamaSarisa Baru Dhulahini  Seetha | Samadhi Dhasharathu Janaku Puneetha || Suni Asa Byahu Saguna Sab Nache | Ab Keenhe Biranchi Hama Sanche || Yehi Bidhi Keenha Barath Pathana | Hatha Gaya Gajahi Hane Nisana || Aavath Jani Bhanukula Kethu | Sarithaniha Janaka Badhaye Sethu || Beech Beech Bara Basa Banaye | Surapura Sarisa Sampadha Cchaye || Asana Sayana Bara Basana Suhaye| Pavahi Sab Nija Nija Man Bhaye || Nitha  Noothana Sukha Lakhi Anukoole| Sakala Barathinha Mandhir Bhoole ||

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