Friday, June 25, 2021

Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Sri Tulsidas Maharaj – Bala Kanda – The preparation for the grand wedding procession took place in full swing


Chapter – 290– Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Bala Kanda– The preparation for the grand wedding procession took place in full swing


The arrangements for the wedding procession were taken place in full swing, there were several handsome youths attired in marvelous attire mounted on horses, followed by a huge army of warriors who are skilled in the sword fight, spear fight, chariot fight, horse fight, wrestling, etc. Thus, huge warriors armed with weapons were getting ready to follow the wedding processing outside the city. The whole city reverberated with the sounds of kettle drums, pipes, etc. The charioteers meticulously decorated their chariots with gems, flowers, banners, flags, bells, and various ornaments to give out the appearance of celestial vehicles. King Dhasharatha owned several high breed horses with magnificent looks and black ears have the speed of the wind was tied to the chariots. The marvelously decorated chariots were allotted to the preceptors, twice-born, King and his family members. Thus, all the arrangements for the transportation were made for the wedding procession, several carts filled with large stock weapons, food materials, splendid clothing, ornaments, precious gems, etc. was kept ready and duly informed the King Dasaratha.

Cchare CchabeeleCchayala Sab Sura Sujana Nabeena | Juga  Padhachara Asavara Prathi Je  Asikala Prabeena||

Bandhe Biradha Beera Rana Gade | Nikasi Bhaye Pura Bahera Dade || Pherahi Chathura Thuraga Gathi Nana | Harashahi Suni suni Panava Nisana || Ratha Sarathinha Bichithra Banaye | Dhvaja Pathaka Manibhooshana Laye|| Chavara Charu Kinkini Dhuni Karahi | Bhanu Jana Sobha Apaharahi || Savakarana Aganitha Hatha Hothe | The  Thinha Rathanha Sarathinha Jothe || Sundhara Sakala Alankritha Sohe | Jinhahi Bilokath Munimana Mohe || Je Jala Chalahi Thalahi Ki Nayi | Tapa Na Booda Bega Adhikayi || Asthra Sasthra Sabu  Saju Banayi | Rathi Sarathinha Liye Bolayi ||

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