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Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Sri Tulsidas Maharaj – Bala Kanda –The wicked hermit persuades the King to serve the meal cooked by him to twice-born and families


Chapter – 162– Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Bala Kanda – The wicked hermit persuades the King to serve the meal cooked by him to twice-born and families


Sage Yajjavalkya speaks “Oh! Mune, King Prathapbhanu fell at the feet of mendicant and spoke “Oh! Sage, kindly be gracious and compassionate to me, Oh! Kripalu, Oh! Dheenadhayala kindly takes the trouble to visit my kingdom by yourself.” The wicked hermit understood the King Prathapbhanu trapped in his snare, felt immensely happy at the thought that it is easy to motivate the King to do things that would destroy him and his entire clan without a terrible battle. The mendicant spoke “Oh! Rajan, I shall tell you the truth, I have nothing impossible in this world to obtain, my austerities, Tapasya, vows are capable to bring all that desired under my feet. I shall make all effort to fulfill your wishes as you are true to words, deeds, and thoughts. The power of Yoga, meditation, contemplations should be kept highly confidential to feel the experience of the succulent fruit of it. Oh! Rajan, I shall arrange to cook a sumptuous meal in large quantities, and you can serve them to the twice-born and their families, in this way you can keep the matters undercover. All that you need to invite and serve the meals prepared to the twice-born in your Kingdom, that would provide an abundance of piousness, and whoever consumed the meal would follow your command without any hesitation. Oh! Rajan, make further arrangements for the same, do not reveal the secret to anyone, take a vow to continue this practice for a year.”


Asa Kahi Gahe Naresa Padha Swami Hohu Kripala | Mohi Lagi  Dhukha Sahia Prabhu Sajjana Dheenadhayala ||

Jani Nripahi Aapana Adheena | Bola  Thapas Kapata Prabeena || Sathya Kahau Bhoopathi Sunu Thohi | Jaga  Nahina Dhurllabha Kacchu Mohi || Avasi Kaj Mei Karihau Thora | Man Than Bachana Bhagath Thau Mora || Joga Juguthi Thapa Manthra Prabhau | Phalayi Thabahi Jab Karia Dhurau || Jau  Naresa  Mei Karau Rasoyi | Thumha Parusahu Mohi Jan Na  Koyi || Anna So Joyi Joyi Bhojana Karayi | Soyi Soyi Thava  Aayasu Anusarayi || Puni Thinha Ke Griha Jevayi Joau | Thava Basa Hoyi Bhoopa Sunu Soau|| Jayi Upaya Rachahu Nripa Yehu | Sambath Bhari  Sankalpa Karehu ||


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