Friday, June 4, 2021

Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Sri Tulsidas Maharaj – Bala Kanda – The splendor of demon King Ravana


Chapter – 173– Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Bala Kanda - The splendor of demon King Ravana


Sage Yajjavalkya speaks “Oh! Mune, the valor of Ravana was well-known to three worlds, he was too proud of his might and grown arrogant, enthusiastically approached Mount Kailash, and made a failing effort to elevate the Mount. Ravana achieved immense wealth, fame, offspring, a huge army of men, won many battles, expanded his Kingdom, every day turned out to be most promising to him, his might and intelligence got the attention of the whole Universe, thus he has achieved remarkable growth of possession, wealth, richness, fame, etc., on the other hand, his arrogance and self-love grown out of reach. His brother Kumbhakarnna buried himself into a deep sleep for six months, after consuming voraciously for six months, harassing the deities and Rishis and Sages while he was awake. The world quivered while gets out of the sleep possessed gigantic form and the might of several thousands of worriers.  If he was awake for a whole year, the Universe would have emptied with no grains. Meghanatha who is the elder son of Ravana possessed equal might of his father, charming and, skillful in the war field, was a renowned warrior, unconquerable in the battlefields, hence the deities found difficult to surpass the might of him.”


Kauthukahi Kailasa Puni Leenhesi Jayi Udayi | Manahu Thauli NijaBahubala Chala  Bahuth Sukhapayi ||

Sukha Sampathi Sutha Sena Sahayi | Jaya Prathapa Bala Budhdhi Badayi || Nitha Noothana Sab Badath Jayi | Jimi Prathilab Lobha Adhikayi || Athibala Kumbakarana Asa  Bhratha | Jehi Kahu Nahi Prathibhat Jaga Jatha || Karayi Pana Sovayi Shat Masa | Jagatha Hoyi Thihu Poora Thrasa || Jau Dhin Prathi  Ahara Kara Soyi | Bisva Begi Sab Chaupat Hoyi || Samara Dheera Nahi Jayi Bakhana | Thehi Sama  Amitha Beera Balavana || Baridhanadha Jed Sutha Thasu | Bhat Mahu Prathama Leeka Jaga Jasu || Jehi Na  Hoyi Rana Sanmukha Koyi | Surapura Nithahi Paravana Hoyi ||

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