Thursday, June 3, 2021

Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Sri Tulsidas Maharaj – Bala Kanda – The wrath and the curse of twice-born


Chapter – 167– Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Bala Kanda – The wrath and the curse of twice-born

The thousands of Brahmins and their families assembled were furious, flee to different directions in dismay, shrieked in utter disappointment and anger “Oh! Wicked Kshatriya, you have invited the illustrious twice-born who have undertaken austerities, Swadhyaya, vows, penance, observance of celibacy, conducted Athmavichara, for several years, and achieved Bhramajjana. You had evil intentions to destroy their austerities and diligence, you have lost your good sense, hence you and your entire clan would take birth as demons. Lord has protected us from falling from our vows and austerities, thus preserved our sanctity. Listen to us, you and your entire clan will perish, not a single soul would be available to perform the ancestral rites or offer water to your Pithrus.” King Prathapbhanu could not control his grief, was confused rushed to the kitchen where the meals were prepared. Soon another voice heard from the sky “Oh! Brahmins, you have committed a grave mistake, you have cursed the King and his clan without the knowledge of the incident took place, the King Prathapbhanu is innocent, he did not commit any sin.” The assembled Bhramins were stunned, the King rushed to the kitchen found no meal or cook, he returned to the Brahmins exhausted and anguish. King Prathapbhanu explained all that happened to him in the past few days and collapsed on the floor.


Bole Bipra Sakopa Thab Nahi Kacchu Keenha Bichara | Jayi Nisachar Hohu Nripa Mooda Sahitha Parivar ||

Chathrabandhu Thai Bipra  Bolayi | Dhalai Liye  Sahitha Samudhayi | Eswar Rakha Dharama Hamara | Jahasi Thei Sametha Parivara || Sambath Madhya Nasa Thava Hoau| Jaladhatha Na Rahihi Kula Koau || Nripa Suni Shrapa Bikala Athi Thrasa | Mei  Bahori Bar  Gira  Akasa || Biprahu Shrapa Bichari Na Dheenha | Nahi Aparadha Bhoopa Kacchu Keenha || Chakitha Bipra Sab Suni Nababani | Bhoopa Gayau Jaha Bhojan Khani || Thaha Na  Asana Nahi Bipra  Suara | Phireau Rau Man Soch Apara || Sab Prasanga Mahisuranha Sunayi | Thrasitha Pareau Avani Akulayi ||


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