Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Sri Tulsidas Maharaj – Bala Kanda – The pleasant conversation between King Prathapbhanu and the mendicant


Chapter – 153– Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Bala Kanda – The pleasant conversation between King Prathapbhanu and the mendicant


Sage Yajjavalkya speaks “Oh! Mune, King Prathapbhanu was respectfully invited by the mischievous King in disguise of a hermit, he led the King to a beautiful lake nearby the hermitage, King Prathapbhanu gladly took bath, and gave a bath to his horse as well, and satiated the thirst. Immediately, the weariness of hunger and thirst disappeared, regained enthusiasm, heaved a sigh of relief. It was the hours of sunset, the mendicant amiably led the King to his hermitage, offered him a seat, and spoke to him pleasantly “Oh! Master, who are you? Where are you from? Why are you alone in the dense forest? You are young, handsome, enthusiastic, I guess you are from a noble and rich family, I feel sad for you, what made you to wander alone in the dangerous woods?” King Prathapbhanu replied “Oh! Mune, I am the minister of the mighty King Prathapbhanu, I was accompanying the King for a hunting expedition, while the chase for the prey, we parted ways, lost track and time, fortunately, I have ended up here in your hermitage. It was my privilege, I could meet a great ascetic in the dense forest, I strongly believe that the sight of a noble person like you would bring good luck to me.” The hermit spoke “Oh! Son, it is the hours of nightfall, your city is five hundred and sixty miles away from the forest.”


Bhoopathi Thrishitha Biloki Thehi Sarbaru Dheenha Dhekhayi | Majjana Pan Sametha Haya Keenha Nripathi Harashayi ||

Jau Shrama Sakala Sukhi Nripa Bhayau | Nija Ashrama Thapasa Lai  Gayau || Asana Dheenha Astha Rabi Jani | PUni Thapasa Boleau Mridhu Bani || Ko Thumha Kasa Ban Phirahu Akele | Sundhar Juba Jeeva Parahele || Chakrabarththi Ke Lacchana Thore | Dhekhath Dhaya Lagi Athi More|| Nama Prathapabhanu Avaneesa | Thasu Sachiva  Mei  Sunahu Muneesa || Phirath Ahere Pareau Bhulayi | Bade Bhaga Dhekheau Padha Ayi || Ham Kaha Dhurllabha Dharasa Thumhara | Janath Hau Kacchu Bhala Honihara || Kaha Muni Thatha  Bhayau Andhiaara | Jojana Saththari Nagaru Thumhara ||


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