Monday, June 7, 2021

Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Sri Tulsidas Maharaj – Bala Kanda – The significance of pure love and devotion at the lotus feet of Lord Raghupathi


Chapter – 193– Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Bala Kanda – The significance of pure love and devotion at the lotus feet of Lord Raghupathi


The absolute Bhramam of eternal bliss, wisdom, free from illusion, and desires, lured the hearts of King Dhasharatha and Devi Kausalya sported like an innocent child. The supreme Lord Raghupathi who is the father and mother of Universe entertained the subjects of Kingdom of Ayodhya. Lord Mahadeva speaks “Oh! Devi Bhavani, the devotion at the lotus feet of Lord Raghupati is always rewarding, the unfortunate Jeeva drenched in Mahamoha/destructible Prakrithi and interest in worldly matters, driven afar from the devotion to that Lord Raghu continues to heave into the sufferings and grief of Samsara and Samsarachakra. The Maya of Mayapathi is so powerful, do not leave a single living and non-living things in the Universe, dance to the movements of his eyebrows. He is the protector of Jeeva from the clutches of Maya, he is the protector of the Jeeva who is surrendered to his lotus feet by word, action, and thought, he is the savior of the Jeeva who is free from wickedness and immoralities. The most compassionate Lord Sri Hari assumed the form of a human and entertained his beloved parents and the people of Ayodhya with various childhood amusements, his darling mother carried her child affectionately on her arms, and placed him in the ornamented cradle to sleep.”


Sukha Sandhoha  Mohapar Gyana Gira  Gotheetha | Dhampathi Pramaprema Basa Kar Sisucharitha Puneetha||


Yehi Bidhi Rama Jagatha Pithu Matha | Kosalapur Basinha Sukhadhatha || Jinha Raghunatha Charana Rathi Mani | Theenha Ki Yaha Gathi Pragat Bhavani ||

Raghupathi Bimukha Jathana Kara Kori | Kavana Sakayi Bhava Bandhana Cchori || Jeeva Charachara Basa Kai Rakhe | So  Maya Prabhu So Bhaya Bhakhe|| Bhrukuti Bilasa Nachavayi Thahi | Asa Prabhu Cchadi Bhajia Kahu Kahi || Manakrama Bachana Cchadi Chathurayi | Bhajath Kripa Karihahi Raghurayi || Yehi Bidhi Sisubinodha Prabhu Keenha | Sakala Nagarabasinha Sukha Dheenha || Lai Ucchanga Kabahuka Halaravai | Kabahu Palane  Dhali Jullavai||

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