Thursday, June 3, 2021

Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Sri Tulsidas Maharaj – Bala Kanda – The hermit’s close association with the demon Kalakethu


Chapter – 163– Sri Ramacharitha Manas – Bala Kanda – The hermit’s close association with the demon Kalakethu


The hermit continued “Oh! Rajan, I will be in your palace in the guise of your family priest, will make sure to recollect all those conversations that took place between us.” Thus, the King went to sleep, and the Sage did not move an inch from his seat, was restless and anxious. King Prathapbhanu was so tired of a long journey in the dense wood, hence easily slipped off to deep sleep, but the mendicant could not get peace of mind, as he was disturbed by the cluster of thoughts, planning, and plotting, etc. Soon, the demon Kalakethu who was a great companion of the Sage, has possessed great skills in illusionary powers, had assumed the form of a wild boar and appeared before King Prathapbhanu, and led him into the dense forest, was present before the Sage and stood before him obediently. The demon Kalakethu has hundreds of sons and ten brothers of equivalent might, who were possessed great illusionary powers, harassed the deities and holy men. These are the Kshatriyas who fought against King Prathapbhanu, took birth as demons who were already killed on a battlefield by King Prathpbhanu, to put an end to their atrocities against the twice-born, deities, and saints, further they have attained the form of demons for their wickedness. The hermit achieved great association with these haughty demons, was waiting for an opportunity to retaliate against King Prathapbhanu who was fast asleep in his hermitage.


Mei Aauab Soi Beshu Dhari Pahichanehu Thab Mohi | Jab Yekanth Bolayi Sab Katha Sunvau Thohi ||

Sayana Keenha Nripa Aayasu Mani | Aasana Jayi Bait  Chalagyani|| Shramitha Bhoopa Nidhra Athi Ayi | So Kimi Sova Soch Adhikayi || Kalakethu Nisichara Thaha Aava | Jehi Sookara Hoyi Nripahi Bhulava || Paramamithra Thapasa Nripa Kera | Janayi So Athi Kapata Dhanera || Thehi Ke  Sath Sutha Aru Dasa Bhayi | Khala Athi Ajaya Deva  Dhukhadhayi|| Prathamahi Bhoopa Samara Sab Mare | Bipra Santh Sura  Dhekhi Dhukhare || Thehi Khala Pacchila Bayaru Sambhara | Thapasa Nripa Mili Manthra  Bichara || Jehi Ripu Cchaya Soyi Rachenhi Upau | Bhavi Bas Na Jan Kacchu Rau ||


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